Friday, February 6, 2009

I Will Always Love You

I was just at the new website for God Tube... Which has been renamed Tangle. This video was on there and it was so sweet and good. And what a powerhouse voice this 6 yr old girl named Connie Talbot has. I gather it is from China or something. The girl is American, but everyone else is Chinese. It was very inspiring and she has a beautiful voice. I wonder what she will be like when she is older.


Anonymous said...

Almost correct!!
....Connie is British and it is a
South Korean TV show (Star King) in
April 2008.

Connie (now aged 8) returned to Seoul, Korea in December for her very first Concert.

She has a website at:

Sandie said...

Thank you for letting me know. She is wonderful. I am going to go check out her site. Where I got the video at, it didn't explain who was who.

I am sure we will hear alot about her with the voice she has. Thanks again and God Bless