Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Wonder if Normal is Going to Happen

I think things are beginning to start looking good around my house. I have the pictures of the move on my camera, but go figure, I can't find my cord to download them to my computer. What is up with that. But I have pictures on my wall now and the area around the pool is looking better. Alot of the weeds around the front is going away too. Boy oh boy, I tell you... The people that lived here left alot of work. Its a pain because we have to clean it up now... And there is alot of yard to clean. But it will be nice when it is all done. And of course I will post pictures when I find my cord to my USB/Camera.

Lets see, the other things that are happening is that I have been helping my daughter get her Lincoln COunty Moms group going. She is trying to find others in her area that is moms. She lives in a very rural area in North Carolina. So it is hard to get to know others. I have been a slacker when it comes to my food review blog. I have to post on there. I guess i have been so overwhelmed and tired, that I just haven't had time to go anywhere to do the review. I have to still post the review for Cafe Rios. Maybe I will do that tonight sometime. While I am thinking about it.

But other then that, I have just been way way tired and haven't been feeling good. But what can ya say... When you have stuff to do, you just have to do it.

On Easter, we did have a good quiet day though. And at the Lins Kids Club Activity, we had a good time. There was close to 400 kids that showed up throughout the day and claimed their prizes for some awesome pictures. My friend Jen showed up with Zuriah and Scotti. They did a great job on their pictures. If I was judging, they would have won something. But its too hard to judge when you know the kids and I would have made them all first place winners if I could have.

Them most important event over the past week is that Christ is Alive and that He died for us all on the cross. Easter is my favorite holiday of all, because it is filled with hope and promise. Even though our bodies dies, we still can live because Christ died for us. We have the hope of an everlasting resurrection. I think that is so awesome. Now I am going to go and see about working on my food review... God Bless

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