Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Official I am Dead

What a week this has been. We have been working on moving since Sunday, You never know what you have till you move and boy oh boy do I have alot of stuff. I am going to post pictures of our move on the next post. After all is put away. Well maybe.

We did have a good work crew sow up here. Some Elders from the LDS Church came over to help us move the heavy stuff. I think that was pretty cool considering we aren't LDS or as some would call them Mormons. But they were pretty cool and I thought that was nice of them. I don't think they knew what they were in for. Most of what we have is solid wood. We also had to have a 3000 pound safe moved from the dining room to the living room. It literally took 7 guys and a 2 1/2 ton hydraulic jack to get it going. They had to go inch by inch on that. What a fiasco that was. One of the guys that came over to help had to take a picture of it, just to prove to his wife what he moved, lol.

We are finally in the new house with just a few things left at the old one. There has been a few glitches to our move. Not only are we moving in. But my sister rented one of the apartments attached to our house and so did my brother in law. So not only do we have our stuff to move in, but we have their stuff to move in. My brother in law is moving in Friday night and Saturday, If anyone wants to help, let me know. He lives by the Ice Berg and we live in Ivins. He just had heart surgery, so we are looking for helpers and I am plum pooped out. I am sure all of you who have moved or helped, can understand that one.

But I will post more later after I figure out if I am dead or alive. My body is moving, but that is about it.

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