Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures from My Trip

I posted sometime ago that I would share pictures from my trip to North Carolina. So here are some of them. I hope you like them.

On the way to North Carolina... This is the sunrise at 5:30 am getting ready to land in Minneapolis MN. Its unreal being awake at that time...

Flying over somewhere headed to Charlotte... The clouds are pretty from above.

We are getting ready to descend into Charlotte. Its around 10 am now...

Peek A Boo G-Ma... I see you

Jessica and JJ playing at the park. They were having such a fun time.

Wouldn't this make a pretty picture for the wall. Jessica, JJ and myself were at the park.

JJ being adventurous... Looking for bugs and spiders

Ummm, notice the spider in the flower. JJ was looking for bugs and he needs to stay clear of these kind of spiders, lol...

Isn't this such a pretty picture... This was taken at a place called Freedom Park

I love this picture too... It is going to be on my wall soon.

JJ was looking for bugs on the flowers during his photo shoot.

This squirrel was just adorable... Jessica laughed at me and how I was chasing this squirrel around so I can get his picture.

My Mister Mister/JJ

This is what I wish we had here... RAIN... This was taken on Jessica's front porch.

This is at Carowinds... This is where Sonfest was held at

Look at all the cool light, what is awesome about the lights is that it was all natural lighting and I had no flash. The only place on my trip that had these lights was at the Christian Festival... You will see the same lights below with Fireflight.

The Christian Band called Fireflight- They were at the Sonfest at Carowinds

Back to the real life and St. George

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