Monday, August 10, 2009

Spreading My Mother in Laws Ashes - Lots of Images

Yesterday our family and friends went up to Pine Valley to spread my mother in laws(Marjorie Divan) ashes. I cant believe it has already been a year. It went pretty good as far as spreading ashes goes. We had a picnic and some good friends came up as well. I am going to post some of the pictures on here for you. Mom passed away last August, so we finally got to where we did this. We spread her ashes in the exact same place that we spread my father in laws (Harold). Mom loved doing things with her family and church. She was so proud to be a great grandma and she loved her grand daughters more then anything. Bridgette was like her honorary grand daughter. Mom loved anything that had to do with the Southwest. She and I disagreed on decor when it came to this, lol. But how are you going to argue with someone as sweet as mom. She stood only 4'8". But she was bigger then that to us. I would joke around with her on her height or lack there of, lol. I would tell her how she made me feel so tall when I was with her. She loved to go out to eat on Thursdays after we got done doing bulletins at church. She enjoyed studying the Bible and going to Precept Classes. Even though she and I would get lost in what we were doing. We all know that mom is with God right now and that she is enjoying feeling good and without limitations. She was in alot of pain in her final months, she was tired and knew that it was time to rejoin her husband and go hang out with Jesus and His angels. And that's ok... We want what is best for mom. Thanks to all who came out to remember mom and thanks to everyone who made her life special. She loved so many from St. George Community Church and she loved all (well most) that she met.