Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What the Hay

Ok... Now as some of you may know. we have this Bull on our property. I look out the back window and see this poor cow sitting in his pen all alone. We don't own him, but there are days I would like to tell the bull(Ricky) to run free. I know in my heart what will happen to him and the owner says it is too expensive to feed him. But he has been without hay for a week, so we have been feeding him the weeds that are around our house. Weeds that a bull would normally graze on. But what the hay? If I had a truck I would get him some hay. I feel bad for poor Ricky the Bull.

Other then that life on the farm has been kinda crazy. I planted our lawn today... Alot of Ricky's droppings are all over my front yard, thanks to Scott. I really appreicated his help and I am sure Ricky liked that his pen was cleaned out. So hopefully the grass will grow and will be pretty. And then I want to go get some pretty flowers at Star Nursery. I need to pot some flowers. Oh, and here is another little surprise on the literal farmville. Last night Jessica went into the garage and found out that a stray cat had her kittens in there. They sound really young. So we get to go searching for kitties this weekend and hoefully trap them and find them a home so they don't become wild.

So to sum it up... Life on the farm is good, but what a mess at times when you have to deal with bull crap :) Sorry about the pun... Couldn't help myself


JenJen said...

I think Ricky knows you have a kind soul and that is why he gravitates towards you. We need to get together and just talk one of these days.

Sandie said...

yeah, he knows I am the holder of the apples and carrots... It would be awesome to just talk with no specific purpose in mind...