Friday, May 21, 2010

More of the Bull Saga

last night the owner of Ricky the bull came out and tied him to a truck so he can graze. But around 1 am he decided he didn't like where he was tied too and broke loose. My daughter Jessica tried to wake us up, but we didn't wake up.

So this morning around 8 am,by our bedroom window low and behold, there was Ricky the bull Mooing, lol. My husband jumps out of bed like a madman and goes to round up the bull and get him in his pen. Now I am regretting not getting up to watch the cow chance Chuck down to get the carrots and apple my husband had in his hand, lol. We are very happy that Jen and Scott brought out the carrots and apples yesterday, lol. Little did we know we would have to bribe the bull with them. Chuck came back to the house and looked like he had a heck of a workout with that bull, lol. Where is a camera when I need one.

But other than that, nothing much is happening. Pastor Dean and Ruth stopped by and looked at the place and went to see the bull, chickens and pig. I think Dean had bacon and ham on his mind when looking at the pig, lol.

JJ and I planted pretty flowers in my pots today and that was interesting to say the least. He got bored and I ended up planting most of them.

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