Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dogs R Gonna Get It

Ok... for all you animal lovers out there, you may not want to read this... My dogs(love them dearly)... But my dogs decided they wanted to stay up ALL NIGHT and play,drink and pee... I was not a very impressed person over this since they finally stopped doing that around 6am... Usually we pull the water up at night, but for some odd reason someone around my house decided that they didn't need water during the day, but at night... Wondering who I should shoot right now... I don't think it is the dogs fault. It's not like they can reach the sink, grab a glass and get water from the faucet. So thus, I ended up sleeping till 1pm.

Now I am gonna vent on how sometimes you just get SICK SICK SICK of people repeating sensless garbage over and over again... I heard the first time, I don't need to listen to the same thing that does not matter one ioda to anyone but this one person... SOOOOOOOOOO,I am gonna leave this thought right there where I started it off at...

Another thought, kinda stupid one though... Don't watch the movie 'The Invention of Lying". its totally not worth the time they spent on even naming the movie... but I am going to go now and may or may not post something later on. Depends on how I feel about whatever may or may not happen.

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