Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh NO He Didn't Say That-

I go to Yahoo and see what the current news is and there is a picture of Steve Nash... If you do not know who he is, he is #13 with the Phoenix Suns... He was asked if he thought the Phoenix Suns would get to the playoffs and this is what he said word ofr word;

"To be honest, if I was outside this picture and a betting man, I would probably pick us to be outside of the playoffs considering all the changes and the new guys," team leader Steve Nash said after Sunday's team practice.

Nash was particularly frustrated with the process of going from a team he felt was very close to winning an NBA Championship to essentially starting over again.
"I spent four months this summer and a month this training camp feeling like I'm trying to get to the top," Nash said.

"It's hard as a competitor to convince yourself every day all summer and then through the preseason that you're going to get back to where you were and hopefully take the next step, and then you realize that camp is starting all over again and it's not quite as linear as you made it out to yourself all summer."

Ok! That just is not cool that he thinks that, so he best be wrong about all of this...

Ok, also while I am talking about the Phoenix Suns, if anyone knows where I can get a 2T outfit for a boy that is Phoenix Suns, can you let me know? I am going to have to make sure that my grandson knows which team to go for and it is not the Utah Jazz, Lakers or San Antonio Spurs... So I might as well start off teaching him while he is young... My other grandsons are more into other things and not too sure what they think on basketball since usually when I see them they are more interested in games on the TV or computer... So I am going to have to do some brainwashing of JJ... :) Shhh don't tell anyone about that...

BTW... Phoenix will be playing against Portland tomorrow night at 10pm EST...

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