Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grocery Shopping- Love it or Hate It!

You know you need groceries when you open the fridge and there isn't much in there... But I really dislike grocery shopping.  When I was at work all the time at Lin's, I would even procrastinate on shopping or bringing food home then. My husband Chuck would get so mad when he would ask me to bring milk home and I totally forgot and came home instead. So off he went to the store I just left. It would be so nice if there was a grocery shopping fairy and let's see, maybe a bill paying fairy too... I don't see this happening, so eventually I have a feeling I am going to have to do the inevitable deed and go shopping... I would be awesome to be able to snap my fingers and out of thin air everything arrives... You would think with the way technology is, we would be able to do that. Kinda like the Jetsons. If they can do all they can do, why can't we. 

Do you remember on the Jetsons how they'd just type in a keyboard what food they wanted, and then like a whole meal would pop out of a machine?  I think tonight I will have prime rib and miraculously it is there at the dinner table and all... I am sure Rosie may have had to put the food on their plates since they never did much for themselves and pour their water for them as well...

This brings me to another thought about the laziness of we human beings... I think we have gotten so use to doing things fast and easy that we just pop food in a microwave and in a few minutes we have a meal, and the same with the internet. Everything is at our fingertips and there is no need to really go anyplace outside of where your computer room is located. Maybe in a sense we do have a food machine like the Jetsons. We call them frozen dinners such as Marie Callenders, Lean Cuisine and Stoffers and of course every house hold has a microwave. 

But back to the Jetsons. I use to love to watch the Jetsons and Astro was the kind of dog that should be in any household. Although he was a bit outspoken and it would be difficult to have too many outspoken people in one household, lol.  He is such a happy dog even when he is in trouble. It is kinda cool too that he can talk. Astro have his own adorable way of speaking (“Ruh-roh!”) You wouldn't have to wonder if your dog had to go outside to potty and if you didn't know you stepped into a pile of mess, kinda like my dogs. Gotta love them though :) 

Oh well! Not sure how this posting went from needing to go shopping to the Jetsons, but it works for me. I guess I named my blog the right thing, "Senseless Ramblings of the Mindless."

In conclusion I guess I would have to say that grocery shopping is inevitably and whether you hate it or love it, it is something we all must do.  It is nice when it is someone else doing the shopping, but nothing I can do about that at the moment.  Since I can't have the Jetsons food machine, I guess I will have to at some point this week go shopping at Lin's Market in St. George... That is the only good store to shop at and it makes it less painless when you get to see great people... 

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