Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Perfect Christmas - With Family

My Dad and sister Brenda
I haven't posted too much about my family... In some ways yes, but not names... I am the middle child of 5 kids. I have three sisters, Brenda, Denise and Joyce. I also have one brother who is named Dennis... My family is a bit different than many families or atleast what I think would be a perfect family. 

Growing up I used this one family as a roll model of what a family should be. Her father was the pastor of the Nazarene Church in Az and they seemed to do normal things. However according to everything on the news and such at the time, I wonder how normal families that get along and look out for each other actually are? 

Sister Denise
I do love my family even though there is alot of dysfunction, but I know there has to be something there. It's just really sad to think that my own family, meaning brother and sisters, mom and dad can't seem to handle being around each other without some kind of tension or fighting going on. But then again, maybe that is a normal thing according to todays standards. 

I think it would be totally awesome to be able to have a Christmas or family dinner with everyone at the table and enjoying the company. It would be great to not wonder who was going to be the first one to explode and say or do something stupid... Again, maybe this is normal according to todays standards of families. But it doesn't make me very happy. 
My daughters and grandsons
I raised my kids to know that families are families no matter what and no matter what is said or done, they are still loved. I get upset at my kids, but they mean the world to me and my grandsons are only the best ones in the world no matter what any other grandparents may think... 

Grandson Tyson
Grandsons Ashton and Jace

Grandson JJ

My Mom 
But it would be awesome to have all my sisters and parents all in one place and actually enjoy the company of the others. It would even be nice if my brother would be able to join in as normal brothers would do. But I have a feeling this is something that would never happen because in my immediate family, there is alot that goes on and it never seems to work out that everyone can be on the same page... But never the less, I still love them and nothing would change that. Now I can't say i would want the drama of atleast one member of my family around me... Won't go into things, but wow, good thing for forgiveness or he would never stand a chance. 

Then I think too that God puts us with the families that we are suppose to be with and we are to love our families with all the faults and what I would call the lack of perfection that we all possess, lol... I would think that there is no perfect family and we can only do the best we can... But please DO NOT end up on CNN... That would be totally messed up... I am sure there is atleast one person that thinks I do things a bit off the wall, lol... Do not stand in line to name them all, but maybe one or two people might find an issue, lol... 

On another note, I have alot of family that is not related by blood, but are related because of Christ and they are more like family than friends. You don't have to be related by blood in order to be family. 

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