Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Barbecue Special - Pan Fryers

My husband and I are looking at getting more chickens this spring and we get the magazine in the mail from Murray McMurry Hatchery. By the way, they have some pretty cool looking chickens in there. However there is this is the heading on the first page I opened, Nothing Tastes as Good as What You Grow Yourself".  I understand that people eat chickens. I know I am all for a good chicken dinner... But, there is something wrong with seeing the face of the chickens and you see them as cute little babies, then grown up, then dinner, lol. We want the chickens for eggs, not eating. However I would eat them if someone else did the dirty deed. If you have never seen a chicken with it's head cut off, its funny, but they stink when you have to take off the feathers. 

Barbecue Special: Here’s a chance to get some fast growing chicks that will make delicious, broad breasted, chicken to be prepared by your favorite method of cooking.

If you are looking for cockerels and want a heavy breed to eat - our All Heavy Assortment is what you need! Butcher them young for fryers or hold them a little longer for a delicious roasting bird.

Now for me, I just have issues eating something that I have grown, feed and petted as a cute little chick. 

I just had to post on this topic, although it was a bit out there

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