Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tucson Murders

Christina Green (9)

I think there are alot of sick sick people out there in the world and can't believe that someone would gun down innocent people like the guy did in Tucson Az. I use to live in that area and was shocked to hear that this happened.  I truly hope that people think twice about what they do and say. You never know when some sicko will go out and do what he heard and think it is right.  

There has been alot said about it being this persons fault or a particular political party. I don't think that is true... He acted out and did this himself... I don't claim to be one party over another and just because I disagreed with someone, that does't mean that they should be killed and innocent people around them. That just means I that disagree and if I want things to change, I need to get off my butt and do something to help make a change. 

Then to make matters worst, the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan. has this way of going to funerals to protest. Mostly they go to funerals of those who have died serving their country or high profile funerals. Thankfully they decided not to do that at Christina-Taylor Green funeral. She is the little 9 year old girl that was killed. But they did say that they are going to do a demonstration during the other funerals. I can't even imagine people that think this is a good thing to do... Again, sick sick sick people out there

Westboro Baptist
What a horrible thing for a church that professes to love God. I don't see God loving or wanting to have anything to do with these kind of horrible actions. I guess they believe that God hates America because of granting rights to homosexuals. My personal thought on this is that we have all sinned and fallen short and that they need to look at their own lives and sins rather than condemning another's. Only God has a right to do that.  There are many things that the Bible says for us not to do, and to pick out one of those sins and make it worse than the others is not our right to do that.  Some of the sins that come to mind are lying, murder, cheating, idolatry, putting other gods before God. What makes one sin worse than another? I can't answer that, I'm not God. 

If this group was of God they would live by the Golden Rule and want to be Christ like. I just can't see that with these people. How sad to say they are a church that loves God and yet shows hatred towards those who  God says we should love. 

Ok, enough on this church for now... My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have died and for the families that must go on without their loved ones.  There are also those who have been wounded and are healing. I pray for total healing and that they can regain their lives. For the shooter, I pray that justice is served, whatever that may be and I pray for his family who is having to deal with what their son did to so many. 

Those who died: 

U.S. District Judge John McCarthy Roll, 63
Gabriel Zimmerman, 30
Christina Taylor Green, 9 (Born 9-11-2001)
Pastor Dorwin Stoddard, 76
Dorthy Morris, 76
Phyllis Scheck, 79

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