Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snowing All Day

I Woke Up To This
I am way beyond tired these days it seems... I woke up and found that I had this not too fun of a scratch or cut on my leg... I'm sure I did that last night somehow, but not sure how it happened...  I didn't even notice it today till I was wondering why my leg stung... Kinda weird that I wouldn't remember how it happened... But I am a clutz so I will leave it at that... I seem to do alot of things that I have no clue how it happened... It's a me thing and it is what it is... But woke up this morning to snow all over the ground... I think snow is pretty, but it isn't fun when you can't enjoy it... 

Ricky the Bull
Didn't do a whole lot today... Craig came up to get me so I can go get my van since Chuck isn't going to be home and then we decided to take JJ to the movie Hop... It was pretty cute... Then I get home after fighting the road home and just not feeling good and then I drive up and our bull Ricky is standing where I park the van... But Kat and two young guys came up to help get him in and fix the fence...  Other then this things I am hoping to feel good enough to go to church in the morning... And if I can keep my phone from going off all night long, that would be a plus, that is a big hint :)

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