Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Pug Jasper- A Character of a Dog...

How can I best describe Jasper... He is a funny little pug with a loud mouth, sheds alot and loves with all his heart... We rescued Jasper because his owners decided that he shedded too much. If people would learn about the dogs or pets the are getting they would know this about pugs... They had a Great Dane, but Jasper was too much for them... Dogs are destroyed everyday and they aren't breed specific...  But Jasper is cute and we are glad we rescued him... Not sure why I decided to do my blog on him, but here it is... Tomorrow I will write about Patsy...

We have had Jasper for almost a year if not at a year... When we first got him, I would have thought that he would have attached himself to Jessica... Jessica was the first one that held him and gave him lovings since I was driving... He did sleep with her the first night and after that Jasper was at my side... His name was originally Buddah... OK, anyone who knows me will know that I am not going to keep that name... So Jasper he became...

Jasper's Traits: 

When I have been gone even for a couple minutes, Jasper is waiting at the door for me to come in... It may only be to check the mail... But he lets me know that he is not happy about me leaving him.... He carries on, barks, jumps and chases anyone away or our other dogs away so he can have 100% of  my attention...

When it comes to sleeping... Forget it... He has to be right where I am... He starts off at the foot of the bed if Chuck is home, but he inches his way up to where head is... Just imagine a pug face looking at you as you just wake up... Sometimes that is a bit startling... For the most part he will let me sleep and not wake unless I am having issues... But you know how sometimes you can tell someone is watching you? Yep... It's kinda freaky...

I can tell with Jasper if I am going to have a bad day... He gets very clingy and will not leave... But then  I'm not sure how many times I can go anywhere in the house without him... Even taking a bath, this dog has issues and sits right next to the bathtub... Not sure if he wants to play in the water or he doesn't like to be sepertated...

Poor Chuck or anyone else here at the house... If I am gone for more than a few minutes, Jasper will wait on the back of the couch for me to come home... If he is outside, he watches the driveway... I think that is the only time Chuck gets rest at home... Jasper will sleep on the couch and watch the front door and won't sleep in the bed if I am not at home... As soon as I walk in, he is all over the place and chasing everyone away and I think he is scolding me for being gone so long... He gets pretty grumpy and will give me the cold shoulder until he realizes that he isn't getting his lovins...

But aside from Jasper, I would like to out there that if people are going to get pets, be sure you are going to take care of them... Many times people will get a puppy or kitties because the are so cute and not realize that eventually they do grow up... And if you are looking for a pet, please check out the shelters first... These animals need a forever home... They have been thrown away and they still have love and compassion to offer... It is sad when you think about how many loving animals are killed everyday because nobody wanted them... I am going to provide some rescue groups websites at the bottom of this blog... All are those I either know someone through or have dealt with... I am also going to link to a facebook page called Cookies Hope... This is about a little puppy that was left to die and someone cared enough to give her a home till she could go over the rainbow bridge... Join her page and help Cookie get justice...

Rescue Groups: If there is a Logo, click on the logo to get to their site.. 


Cookies Hope
Arizona Boxer Rescue- Got My Maddie Here

Local Animal Shelters- Ivins Animal Shelter is the only No Kill shelter... The others have limited space and funds... They are all needing donations, volunteers and forever homes for these pets... 

Ivins City Animal Shelter- No Kill Shelter
(435) 628-1049
200 W 474 N, Ivins, UT 84738

St George Animal Shelter
(435) 634-5829
605 E Waterworks Rd, St George, UT 84770

Washington Animal Shelter 
(435) 673-7194
95 E Industrial Dr, Washington, UT 84780

Hurricane City Animal Shelter
(435) 635-8314
2084 S 700 W, Hurricane, UT 84737

Petco will also have adoptions from thier Washington Utah store... I think all Petco's offer this on Saturdays... The adoptions are from groups I have listed here... All these pets need to have their lives saved... Call them for days and times for adoptions... If you are outside of the Southern Utah area, you can call your local Petco for more information...

765 W Telegraph St, Washington, UT 84780
(435) 986-9704

And remember as Bob Barker would say, " Have your pets spayed or neutered... " 

If you have a pet that was rescued, feel free to post in the comments... You are welcome to share your experience...


RevSue said...

I have rescued 2 dogs. The first was Cooper. He has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge. That was a very sad day for me as I held him while he looked into my eyes and took his last breath. I not ashamed to say I was reciting the 23 Psalm.

Cooper was only 5 months old when I got him. I had to choose between him and his sister as the place where we lived would only allow us to have one pet.

Cooper was the most loving, friendly, caring dog I've ever owned. He loved so unconditionally, and forgave you when you weren't the perfect owner. Until his very last day on this earth he would still greet me at the door, barking and wagging his whole butt. God I miss him so.

He was also a very special friend. Whenever I was sick he would lay all day in bed with me if he had to. He wouldn't leave my side. It was like he was trying to take care of me, and he was.

For all the crises I went through during is 14 1/2 years with me, he was my rock, my shoulder to cry on, the one I shared my good and bad times with, the one who always wanted my hugs.

The most special gift Cooper ever gave me came on the day my Dad died. I was at work and he was there with my Dad. Daddy collapsed on the floor and died right there within minutes. Cooper never left his side. When I came home that night I found the two of them in the hallway. I of course had a hard time dealing with the fact that I hadn't been there. But Cooper did what I couldn't do, he never left my Dad's side even after his last breath. I know they are together in heaven watching down on me.

Beulah is the second dog I rescued. She was 3 years old when I got her. She is a toy poodle. When we first got her, and for several years I swear this sweetheart had a built in spring! She would get so excited to you that she'd start jumping up and down and she's actually be able to jump almost 4 feet high!

She can be annoying at times with her high pitched bark, or dragging her food away from her bowl to eat. She also like to ramble if not on a leash so I must always tie her up outside when I let her out. There have been a few times where we had to go searching and found her walking nonchalantly down the road like no car would dare hit her.

Today Beulah is nearing 15 years old. She's becoming deaf and is getting cataracts in her eyes. She doesn't jump any more when I come home, sometimes she doesn't even realize I'm home till I come wake her up. She has her own recliner and blankie and that's where she likes to spend a lot of her time these days. But sometimes she'll still come sit in the chair with me.

It is a requirement that she get to sleep with me. Now Cooper would curl right up with you and sometimes even get under the covers with head laying on the pillow next to mine. Not Beulah, she prefers to lay on the side you're not on and not too close. But somewhere in the night she ends up right next to you, almost to the point of being on top of you. And she doesn't move again till morning. On occasion, she will even request to have the covers pulled up over her.

These two precious dogs have been such a blessing in my life. I wouldn't have traded them for anything.

So like Sandie, I encourage all of you to adopt from a rescue site or from your local humane society. The humane society is where my two babies came from and I found them at Petco. Cooper was a mix of beagle and springer spaniel. Beulah is a full blooded toy poodle but without papers. You don't need papers to find a friend who loves you unconditionally as my friends have. And I hesitate to call them friends because they were and are like babies to me.

Sandie said...

Aweeee, thank you for sharing... My dogs have been my rock too... Especially my Brandie Muffins... I love that dog and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her... Thats awesome that Cooper stayed by your dads side... How many humans would do that?