Monday, June 18, 2012

Fried Dream

I had the most horrible dream... I dreamed that I was cleaning my kitchen and I put my cell phone down... Only to look over and notice that I put my phone on a burner that was turned on... OK! Maybe it isn't a horrible dream, but I ended up with a fried phone instead of fried eggs... I was just getting my phone tested to see if it was going to work and in walks Jessica and wakes me up... So now I wonder if my phone ever worked again and if I can talk to the world ever again... It wasn't a pretty site...

Then I got to thinking about how much I depend on my phone... Sometimes that is my only connection to the outside world and if it died, it could make for a very bad day... If there was an emergency, I wouldn't be able to reach anyone... Technology is a good thing for the most part and it makes many things possible... I do know I was a bit ticked off that I fried my phone... And I will never know if it came back to life or not... Maybe it was a dream where I was being told not to be stupid and put my phone on the blasted burner to begin with and it never would have fried...

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Anonymous said...

I heard it said that God sometimes talks to us in our dreams. In word of God we read of examples of the word of God coming in dreams!

Perhaps it is just God's way of telling us the technology of today is just what you said a tool. But the real source of communication is between just you and God and not the world! What a wonderful dream not really a nightmare at all! Just love it!

God Has Blessed You Again Sandie

As Always,