Thursday, June 14, 2012


               This blog posting is by my dear Pappy (David) aka Rabbin... I never think of his writings as ramblings because he has such a great insight when it comes to God's Word... I hope you all enjoy his writings as much as I do... Thanks for your contributions to this blog... 

       I feel all of us as Christians in order to have life; we first must determine our relationship with God. That relationship is not created by what we do within our daily readings of the word of God!  But by how we live each and every moment of our lives, with God!  We must watch each step we each take in this world!  We must even way our every thought and especially those things we speak to others about!  I feel we must first determine if our relationship is with God or with the ways of this world?  Can  I accomplish this loving relationship with God just by attend church and/or by work or by my position with a particular church?  I can read and and I can preach scripture daily!  I can pray daily I can donate to spreading His words!  In doing all this do I aid in my relationship with the Almighty?  Of course it doesn't hurt but does it truly create such a righteous relationship with God? 
                First I must consider always what Christ taught for if I am not living by His words than all I do is done in vain!  For do I do what I do for others or do I do such for just myself? In other words does this mean I am or I am not saved because I do or don't go to church or gather myself with others whom are of my beliefs and thoughts?  For me God forbid that I would not associate myself with my fellow Christians!  For in being with them and am sharing in unconditional love If I don't share such then become like an empty bottle of sweet Christian wine!  For my salvation is not determined by what I do or don't do but by how I follow the meaning of the word of God not only by my personal acts but by my heart! 
                Look how some in this world try to tell you how good they are, or want to show THEIR goodness for the purpose and by the logic of merely getting the of the power and the things of this world!  And some of these do convience others of their goodness and some of these are given trusted positions of power and the trusts of  the things of world and its ways!  Some of those are and have been found in both public and in private industry!  And even some in the temples and churches of this world. I ask is this a sign of being of Gods world or just a sign of the powers of this world?  Are those who are in trusted positions saved or not and if they are can they save me?  For me I know the only one who has saved me was the son of God known to me as Jesus Christ! 
                I had to ask what is it that says those we thought were saved and because of such trust gi ven unto  them to have power of this world for the caring of  the the well-being of the masses of our State a Nation and the world?  I feel it is not important what they do right or wrong for the nation.  For the power that rules this world according to the word is evil! As we read the word do we live only by the  His word, or by the ways of this world?  For power that takes the needs away from his brother is not goodness of His word!  But by taking the choice of listening to the powers of this world? 
              Jesus said, when talking about the ways of this world and His Fathers!  Jesus told us about feeding and giving Him water when He was hungry and thirsty!  He told them then when He was imprisoned and sick you visited me!  and it is written the righteous said. When did we see you when you had such needs? And He answered them by saying when you gave food water and took care of the imprisoned and the sick you were taking care of my needs  When He said the same to the unrighteous they answered, Lord when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty, or a stranger naked or sick or imprisoned and not help you?
              And then were told according to Matthew 25:45-46  Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did It not one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.  And these shall go away unto everlasting punishment but unto the rightesous into life eternal! 
                You see in today's world we seem not first to consider the will of the Father and His son Jesus but consider the thoughts of our minds which dwells in the ways of this world!  Instead of first considering about those whom are sick, hungry, thirsty, imprisoned naked and/or lack  any of the needs of life!  We prefer to argue and fight over who and how they got to became the least of this world and its stuff!  Then we always consider and who is going to pay for those whom are the least of this world, without considering maybe they could be the most in Gods world!  Were we not told that the time would come when the First shall be last and last shall be first!  For we all fall short of Kingdom of God!

By David M. Schare
alias  Pappy (rabbin)

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