Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All This For a Stamp!

I picked up a card for a friend to say thank you... Boy, was it a pain in the butt to mail it out to her... I bought it on Saturday, and finally got it mailed today... The reason why is because you can't buy single stamps at the post office... You have to buy a minimum of 3 stamps and you have to buy them on your credit or debit card... Well, I wasn't going to do that... Why would I use a card for only 3 stamps? That's insane... Plus I hardly mail out letters... If I do, I usually take them into the post office because I always mail larger items or huge amounts of Christmas Cards... I was a bit flustard over this who stamp thing... I did end up with a stamp and it was because a nice lady was buying a couple books to send out thank you cards too and she let me get one from her... After three trips to the post office the card is finally on it's way to person it is intended for... Even though I shouldn't count my chickens before they are hatched...

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Anonymous said...

Just like everything else in this world. Confusion as people scrample for the stuff of this world! Even to communicate with a stamp! Oh don't blame the polititians just blame it on the Bos a nova! For the author of confusion was not God but was and is a tool for the devil. As it is written, just be not in continstion with where you are but content! As it was aaid milk comes from contented cows! MOOOOO! LOL God will fix it sooner or later! Sooner I hope!! Just hope He can look at me and say well you fell short but you still did a good job! Much love to all