Thursday, October 16, 2008

Has it already been a year?

I get phone calls from my daughter Jessica all the time. Most parents complain about how they never hear from thier kids when they grow up and get married. I have to say, I am very blessed in this way.

It has been funny lately though with Jessica. My Jessica has been trying for many years to have a baby. She gave up on the thought of having her own children and decided they might need to try adoption. She has polycystic overies and I guess it makes it hard to concieve. So after years of trying, they finally got the news they were waiting for. They were pregnant! I am thinking, wow, now I get the grand-daughter. We have three grandsons, so here we go. To make a long story short. Jessica was having a boy. I have decided that girls are a long shot in our family,lol. But back to Jessica. She calls me alot and just tells me "JJ is just the cutest". Did you know that mom? Well, of course I am not going to argue with her over that. But I can't show paritality either,lol. But I have to say, he sure is cute. But lately he has been taking small steps and gets all excited over that. Jessica is so proud to finally make it to the mommy crowd. :) What I was thinking about during all her calls about how happy and overjoyed she is to have JJ and to experience mother hood. Even on the sleepless nights. I think about all those kids who are brought into this world where parents don't want them or they are abused and killed. There are people out there wanting to adopt these kids, and yet parents don't see the blessings they have right before thier eyes.

How can you look into a childs face and not see the wonder and blessings from above. When they first say momma or dadda, or as JJ says YEAH. That is his word lately. But what is it that makes a parent snap as they do? I just don't get it.

But JJ turns 1 yr old on Nov 5th at 6:48 pm EST. I wonder if she is going to have his party at that time or what? I always did that with Jessica... It was offically the anniversary of her birth at 7:29 pm. Jessica is having a hard time not giving JJ his presents. She got him the Elmo Live and all other kinds of things. I am very proud of her and my son in law Jason. JJ is a bit spoiled, but it is nice to see that they love JJ and want the best for him and that they look at JJ as a special gift.

I am going to close this by saying, please cherish your kids, love your kids, be willing to discipline your kids, raise them in a Godly home, be parents to your kids... And if you do these things, you will have wonderful kids like I do. My girls are both adults with thier own kids, but they carry on what they have learned. I just hope they don't carry on my mistakes and moodiness :).

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