Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a Week

Well, Jessica was dropped off at the airport in Las Vegas on Tuesday and she is now home in North Carolina along with JJ. She was here for 5 weeks. You would think that things would be calmer. On some level they are, but not all. NOW< I have to work on moving, yuck and double yuck. I hate, hate and did I say hate moving. But we are doing that on the first, but hoping really to get started moving in this weekend sometime. My husband chuck will be home on Sunday,so I really want him here to help with the heavy stuff and his tools. I think I have alot of other help for moving day. I hope atleast. It will take a number of people to get it all back there.

My sister Joyce and her husband is here with us. She is good at helping and she will be renting one of the apartments that is on the property we are getting. So that will be good to help defray the extra cost. My brother in law Craig is also renting one of the apartments. We will have to pay a bit more, but not much more... I will be sure to post pictures on here of the move.

To those that are going to be here to help that is reading this. Thanks for the extra hands... They are appreciated.

I will be posting more later... OH... Jessica, be sure to give Mr Mr a big hug and kiss for me...

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