Friday, May 22, 2009

Congradulations Bridgette

Time has come and Bridgette has graduated from Tuacahn. She was beautiful and what an awesome ceremony they offered.

It was a really nice day. My sister Denise (Bridgette's mom) and her dad Randy came to the ceremony and then they are in Arizona right now. Bridgette's older brother is getting married this weekend. It was nice getting to see my sister again. I can tell Bridgette was happy as well. Denise came here from Tennessee and I am sure she will say Bridgette was worth the trip to come see. And Randy lives in Phoenix. It was nice to see them attend this special day with their daughter (my niece). My sister Joyce and her husband Ira was also there and friends from church and Bridgette's co-workers. It was pretty awesome as well when they let the fireworks off at the end of the ceremony... I am going to put some of the pictures from her graduation on here. I hope you enjoy your journey. She has come a long way and we are very proud of her accomplishments. We have a lot of pictures, they will be posted on my myspace... If you are a friend, you can view the rest when I get them loaded.

Bridgette and her best friend Lyndsey... They are cute together. Bridgette is so tall and Lindsey is so short... :)

Tuacahn High School- Bridgette is about to bid this part of her life goodbye.... She loves Tuacahn

Bridgette's Dad Randy, my sister Denise (Her mom), my daughter Rebechia, and my grandsons Tyson, Jace and Ashton

10th Graduating Class of Tuacahn High School

Bridgette Looks Pretty Tall, she has the green lei on...

Bridgette graduated from the 10th graduating class at Tuacahn. They opened in 1999

Yeah... SHE DID IT

Some Kids Dancing- It was a good performance

My sister Denise, Bridgette and her dad Randy...

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JenJen said...

Good job Bridgette. You look so beautiful. I will catch you when you get home.