Saturday, July 24, 2010

40 Days of Fasting... HMMM

Today was a pretty decent day for the most part... My sister and I went into town and spent a few hours there. We picked up things for my Taco Party tomorrow night... She was talking to her boyfriend tonight on my phone and was telling him how she just doesn't feel there is a place for her... She doesn't really fit in anywhere... She also told him that out of everyone atleast she is in a more positive place and where people care about her... I wonder how that must be... To not really feel like you belong anywhere and that you aren't wanted by anyone. Now granted she gets a bit pushy, well, alot pushy... But I can't help but feel bad for her and I try to have patience and understanding.

My sister has gone through alot in the past and made some not so good choices. But no matter what she is still my sister and I won't turn my back on her. I just hope and pray that one day she understands that life can be so much better. I get short tempered with her and those around me alot during this time of year... I just don't feel good and have issues with the Mysathenia and the effects of Gullian Barre Syndrome. It's no excuse to be cranky all the time... But that is how it seems to be lately. Little things set me off big time and I am thinking there are times I want to just go out on a 40 day fast and just not say anything to anyone and just go... But then that would be a whole other set of problems I guess. I would be posted on nancy grace and the headlines would say 'Cranky Woman from St. George goes on 40 day Fast" More at 11... So maybe that isn't the right thing to do... And then as I am typing this, a stinking flying ant comes at me and bites my leg. Whats up with that?

But, I am going to go to bed and wonder about what it is in my prayer life that I am doing wrong...

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